Nutrition is the Best Part of Neonatology!  How to create an excellent clinical and research nutrition program for your NICU

Moderator: Sharon Groh-Wargo PhD, RDN

Panelists: Tanis Fenton PhD, RD and Amy Sapsford, RDN, CLE

Objectives for this panel discussion are:

  • Identify key components of a contemporary NICU nutrition program
  • Describe the evolution of the role of the neonatal dietitian
  • Discuss strategies that advance nutrition goals: a panel discussion with experienced researchers and clinicians
  • Challenges


There is a Q&A Session at the end of the presentation

About the Speakers

Sharon Groh-Wargo PhD, RDN
Sharon Groh-Wargo PhD, RDN is a Nutritionist in the Department of Pediatrics at MetroHealth Medical Center and Professor, Nutrition and Pediatrics, at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Groh-Wargo has over 40 years of experience, is a nationally known speaker and researcher, and has authored numerous publications on neonatal nutrition. She is an editor of both editions of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Pocket Guide to Neonatal Nutrition and authored a chapter on “Lactoengineering” for the 3rd edition of “Infant and Pediatric Feedings: Guidelines for Preparation of Human Milk and Formula in Health Care Facilities”. She participates in the BEGIN Project – Breastmilk Ecology: Genesis of Infant Nutrition – sponsored by the NIH in cooperation with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which was convened to investigate human milk as a unique biological system. Dr. Groh-Wargo received the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Medallion Award in recognition of her professional contributions.


Tanis Fenton PhD, RD
Dr. Tanis Fenton is a Registered Dietitian, Epidemiologist and Professor. She developed the Fenton Preterm Growth Charts based on a need she saw for better growth charts for preterm infants when working clinically as a neonatal dietitian. These growth charts have been built into several electronic medical records, apps, as well as included in over 40 textbooks. Dr. Fenton was the invited Chair for the Pre-B Project Preterm Infant Expert Workgroup for the American Dietary Guidelines. Her research interests include nutrition, premature infant growth, and knowledge translation.



Amy Sapsford, RDN, CLE
Amy Sapsford has been a NICU dietitian for 38 years, beginning her career at Dayton Children’s and supported by colleagues in the Ohio Neonatal Nutritionists. She has been at Cincinnati Children’s since 1990 where she has mentored and trained dietetic students, interns and NICU RDNs. Amy has had an interest in Human Milk, nutrient needs for NICU infants, and computerized nutrition analysis. She has authored or co-authored numerous chapters in several different books. She has served on the Commission for Dietetic Registration for Pediatric Specialists and is pleased to be part of the panel discussion today.