Chief Technology Officer

I love working with smart people to solve complex challenges. I have worked in a variety of roles but have always enjoyed making a difference. 16 years ago, my sister-in-law gave birth to twins at 27 weeks of gestation. They weighed under 2 pounds each and could fit in the palm of your hand. They are now amazing teenagers. The first 1,000 days are a critical period of development and Astarte Medical is providing tools to ensure that our most fragile babies can thrive.

I have a Molecular Biology degree but have focused my career on delivering technology that drives better decisions. After graduating from Princeton and working in big consulting for a few years, I was drawn to the impact that small companies can deliver. A tight knit team pulling in the same direction is a powerful force. Applying my experiences in financial services, software development and healthcare to help preemies achieve appropriate growth goals so that they can turn into amazing teenagers and people is a true privilege.

Before joining Astarte Medical, I was the CEO and founder of Affirmative Prescription Solutions. APS focused on providing prescribers real-time information related to opioid prescriptions. I have worked with the top financial services firms and have launched technology companies. Working with neonatologists, nurses and dietitians to standardize feeding while understanding individual needs is a challenge that I look forward to solving with our team.