Senior Principal Engineer

Over the years, I have developed and shipped software using countless technologies in a variety of industries ranging from ERP to medical devices. But finding that one company that can impact the healthcare industry in such a positive light has always eluded me. But I finally found it at Astarte Medical. The team’s ambition and challenge with the goal of positive societal impact has drawn me in as we work every day to improve healthcare tools that the less fortunate among us depend on; and in some cases rely on.

My careers trajectory has historically been driven on challenges. Working in the ERP industry has provided the challenges of fine crafting single solutions that improve business processes in a variety of customer’s organizations. My experience in medical devices has given me the challenge of developing complex software that interfaces with embedded technologies using wireless technologies such as MICS and Bluetooth. But I would drop them in a second to continue to focus on technologies that improve care for preterm infants. As the real challenge is solving the problems that help the most in need.

With an extensive software engineering and computer science background, I continue to be humbled by the ambitious, bright, and skilled team at Astarte Medical as we continue to work to solve the direst of problems.